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Scale Control / Scale Inhibitors / Corrosion Control

Mineral scaling can lead to reduced efficiency in recirculating water systems. Neo Solutions, Inc. offers a broad spectrum of threshold scale inhibitors and dispersants designed to prevent mineral scaling in cooling system heat exchange surfaces and piping associated with operations such as hydraulic fracturing during gas drilling operations.

Neo Solutions, Inc. also offers a wide range of liquid zinc phosphate corrosion inhibitors used primarily in the protection of municipal and industrial water distribution systems. These products have been specifically formulated to provide a balanced ratio of zinc to orthophosphate for a wide range of corrosion inhibition needs. When added to the water flow, these products form a stable, rapid forming, evenly distributed protective film on distribution piping and all surfaces and help to maintain a high flow coefficient or “C factor”. They are effective in reducing lead and copper residuals and in reducing the potential for THMs.

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