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Paper Mill: Drainage / Retention Aids


Neo Solutions, Inc. offers a variety of cost effective, wet end chemical process aids for the manufacture of paper and paperboard including:

  • Drainage / retention aids
    • Inorganic coagulants
      • Alum
      • Polyaluminum chlorides
    • Polymer coagulants
      • Polyamines
      • polyDADMAC
    • Flocculants
      • Anionic, HMW polymers (linear, structured)
      • Cationic, HMW polymers (linear, structured)
  • Foam Control Aids
    • Defoamers / Antifoams
      • Water-based
      • Water-extended
      • Oil-based

Neo Solutions, Inc. technical representatives are skilled in assessing and recommending the proper wet end products, dosages, and feed points to optimize drainage, filler and fines retentions, and sheet formation.

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