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Raw Water

Neo Solutions, Inc. offers many different cationic and anionic products for the wastewater clarification process. Specific testing is necessary to find the coagulants and flocculants with the broadest range of performance. Our technical specialists have many years of experience working with various conditions and systems to find the correct products for your municipality.  We can also provide the optimum blend for removal of color, metals, and turbidity.

Process water refers to water used in manufacturing processes such as rinsing, plating, spraying, coating, cooling, washing, boiler water make-up, cooling tower make-up, etc. This water may need treatment before it is used in processing to remove minerals, colors, and other organic particulates. Additionally, water that has already been used in a process may need cleaned before disposal or re-use.

Industrial process water needs clarification by coagulation and flocculation to remove minerals, color, and salts before it can be used in chemical make-up or processing. This allows the materials to be settled out and removed by gravity and the pH to be optimized.

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