Neo Solutions
1340 Brighton Road
PO Box 26
Beaver, PA 15009
P: 724-728-1847
F: 724-728-3440


Neo Solutions, Inc. provides a broad line of water soluble polymer products to meet your water and wastewater treatment needs. Our product offerings include non-ionic, anionic, and cationic polymers available in dry, emulsion, and ready-to-use liquid forms across wide ranges in charge, molecular weights, and degree of structure.
More than 100 polymer products that are approved by NSF for use in potable water treatment are available from Neo Solutions, Inc. We also offer many products that are GRAS, Kosher, or FDA certified for food processing applications or the manufacture of paper/paperboard used in food contact.

Neo Solutions, Inc. also supplies a full line of superabsorbent polymers in dry granular and inverse emulsion forms. These products are effective in oil and gas drilling operations for the solidification of water, synthetic oil, and diesel fuel-based drill cuttings. They are also valuable in agricultural applications for water retention and to provide more uniform moisture supply for developing plants.

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