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Polymer Gel Blocks, Superabsorbent Polymers, Soil Erosion Control

Polymer gel blocks (also called “gel logs” or “floc logs”) are soil erosion control products available as semi-hydrated logs containing high molecular weight flocculant. Each gel block is formulated to the soil and water chemistry of the geographic area where it will be used. 

Gel blocks improve soil porosity by flocculating suspended, fine soil particles at the soil surface and also reduce turbidity, erosion, and fines carryover to receiving streams or bodies of water. They also stabilize soil by forming a network that improves soil cohesion and water infiltration. They are particularly useful for mining, agricultural, construction, and landfill applications where soil erosion and receiving water contamination from runoff water are a concern.

Primary Applications
  • Mine tailings and waste pile ditches
  • Newly cleared construction or building sites drainage
  • Road and highway construction run-off ditches
  • Ditch placement for all forms of highly turbid waters
  • Dredging operations as flocculators.

Polymer Gel Tablets / Poly-TABS

Neo Solutions Poly-TABS Series contains polymer in an easy
handling and dissolving tablet form. Poly-TABS are specifically manufactured for use in horticulture, landscape, road embankment, mining, gravel, and other applications.

• Various dissolving rates available for dosage control
• No need for electricity, pumps, or dilution water
• Onion bag application provides easy treatment
• Great back-up for polymer feed system malfunctions
• Quick method for stabilizing clarifier upsets

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