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Odor Control Pond / Lagoon Cleanup

As a part of our broad offering of water treatment chemicals, we offer a complete line of products custom designed to take on the most difficult challenges in Odor Control.

Odor generated by anaerobic bacteria is common in industrial and municipal waste water systems. These odors are the result of microorganisms obtaining oxygen from sulfur compounds and releasing hydrogen sulfide gas and mercaptans as by-products. Neo Solutions, Inc. offers odor masking agents, odor neutralizing agents, and alternative oxygen source products.



Our odor control line includes the following types of products:

  • Oxygen Supplementation
  • Inorganic Metal Salts
  • Inorganic Oxidizer
  • Odor Neutralizer
  • Enzymes


Neo Solutions, Inc.’s broad product line and highly experienced Technical Sales Engineers allow us to provide extremely cost effective solutions for many odor control issues from small to large applications.



For more information on our Odor Control products, solutions, and technical assistance to help you solve your odor control challenge, please contact us by clicking here.

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