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Municipal Wastewater

Clean water is important. And cleaning that water in the most cost-effective and easiest way is important to you. Neo Solutions, Inc. is here to help. 

Whether your municipality covers 5 or 500 square miles, we offer the cost / performance effective solutions you need to solve your toughest water treatment problems. Each technical specialist will partner with you to test and determine the best products for your facility and budget. 

If you are in drinking water production or wastewater treatment, NEO SOLUTIONS, INC. offers a broad spectrum of water treatment products, including:

  • Water soluble polymers for water clarification, sludge dewatering, and solidification
  • Inorganic salts for primary water clarification and phosphate removal
  • Odor control agents
  • Corrosion control agents
  • Foam control agents
  • Biological control agents

Our technical staff brings many years of water treatment experience to troubleshoot your water treatment problems, demonstrate cost effective solutions, and provide you with the technical support you need for optimum performance. 

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