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Iron Ore Pelletizing Aids

Iron Ore pelletization is a tumble/growth agglomeration mechanism for solid particulates, which must comply with two key points.  The first point is to reach, during the balling stage, the capillary state without exceeding it.  The pellets are then called green balls and their strength is due to the liquid bonds associated with the capillary pressure.  The role of the binder at this point is to allow the green balls to withstand the transportation to the furnace.

The second point takes place at the beginning of the induration stage where the green balls are dried and preheated. Before the high strength of the finished pellets is obtained from firing and the subsequent development of slag bonds, the green balls dry.  Without binder, binding forces become negligible.  The pellets would have no strength. Neo Solution Inc.’s organic binders remain efficient during this transition phase, from green balls to slag bound hard pellets.



  • Stand Alone Products
    Designed to work as the sole binder for the application, although they can be used in conjunction with other binders for certain site specific optimizations.

  • No Deleterious Elements
    Traditionally bentonite has been used as binder, but it re-introduces deleterious elements with high contents, like silica and alumina.

  • Low Feed Rates Required
    Neo Solutions Inc.’s organic binders are typically fed at 0.01 – 0.05%.

  • Increased Green Ball Recovery
    Our organic binders promote green ball growth and reduce recycling rates.  Increased green ball productivity, subject to furnace capacity, can be achieved to maximize plant efficiency.

  • Improved Pellet Properties
    Green balls, prepared using our products, exhibit uniform shape with a dry, even surface.  The pellet structure is more suited to the release of moisture, which improves thermal shock resistance and prevents spalling.  The fired pellets have fewer cracks, with lower incidence of chips and pieces, and have a high CCS (Cold Compression Strength) with low AI (Abrasion Index) and TI (Tumble Index).

  • Lower Energy Consumption
    The major energy saving, when using Neo Solutions Inc.’s organic binders, will be in the furnace, where lower moisture will require less energy for the drying stage.  Reduced steaming can contribute to faster heat transfer, combined with reduced cluster formation, for better breathing.  Higher green ball recovery in the balling stage also contributes to energy savings, with less power wasted on recycling of undersized material.

  • Our product is readily miscible with the iron ore concentrate.

  • Our product is free-flowing powder.  Full details can be found on the MSDS supplied with the product.
Neo Solutions, Inc.’s aim is to provide our customers with a total solution, from initial plant appraisal, balling tests on site, assisting in the Pot-grate evaluation, plant trial technical support and coverage, and total results delivery.  We look forward to discussing your pelletization application and to working with you to provide the best, most cost-effective solution to your plant.

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