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Foam Control

Our products are designed to solve foaming problems across a broad spectrum of municipal and industrial applications, formulated in a range of concentrations to meet your application performance and cost needs.


Neo Solutions, Inc. offers a variety of general purpose foam control products, including water-based, oil-based, and glycol-based formulations. These products are water dispersible and can be used as antifoams to inhibit foam production or as defoamers to provide rapid elimination of existing foam. Our products are designed for stability, pumpability, and performance.


Neo Solutions, Inc. also offers several foam control products with FDA approval for use in food grade applications.

Our Foam Control Products can be used in the following applications:

  • Food and Fermentation
  • Waste & Process Water Treatment
  • Carpet & Textiles
  • Plastics Recycling
  • Silicone Fluids and Emulsions
  • Coatings, Inks and Adhesives
  • Crop Protection
  • Oilfield
  • Metalworking Fluids
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Construction

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