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Scale Inhibitors / Dispersants

Dispersants are acidic or neutralized process aids used in a wide range of industries. Some applications include particulate mixing, desludging, and control of deposit scales, such as carbonate, sulfate, and threshold inhibition of calcium phosphate across a broad range of pH, temperature, and water hardness.

Dispersants can also be used to prevent formation of biofouling or biofilms in industrial processes, as well as disperse already present bacterial slime to increase the efficiency of biocides.

The following are some more specific examples of dispersant usage from Neo Solutions, Inc. categorized by industry:

  • Mining: These chemicals provide excellent dispersion for mineral pigments in concentrated slurries by improving the separation of particles to prevent settling or clumping.

  • In oil drilling, dispersants can be used to aid in breaking up solids or liquids as fine particles or droplets into another medium.

  • For cooling towers, heat exchangers, and boilers, dispersants can assist with scale prevention. For usage in industries with restrictions, Neo Solutions, Inc.’s products meet the requirements of the FDA for use as a boiler water additive.

  • With foam drilling fluids, synthetic detergents and soaps are used, along with polymers, to disperse foam bubbles into the air or gas.

  • In construction, a dispersant/plasticizer is added to the gypsum wallboard slurry to reduce the amount of water used, while maintaining the same slump as the slurry without dispersant. The lower water usage allows lower energy use to dry the wallboard, since less water is present.
Dispersants scale inhibitors

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