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Coagulants from Neo Solutions, Inc. are very effective in removing fine or colloidal-sized particulates and color from water and may be used alone or in combination with higher molecular weight flocculant polymers. Many of our coagulant products are certified under NSF/ANSI Standard 60 for use in potable and secondary water treatment.

Products are available to meet the diverse needs of water and wastewater clarification operations in the wide variety of municipal, industrial, and mining operations. These products can be used to totally or partially replace alum, ferric, lime, and other inorganic coagulants. Compared to these inorganics, our coagulant-grade polymers:

  • produce equal or better results at much lower dosages
  • work across a broad range of pH and alkalinity
  • do not alter the pH of treated water
  • are unaffected by chlorination
  • do not add soluble metals to finished water
  • minimize the volume of sludge generated
  • produce a more easily dewatered sludge
  • pose fewer problems in handling and feed

Inorganic Coagulant Solutions

Neo Solutions, Inc. offers a broad line of high cationic charge, water soluble polymers and inorganic coagulants as ready-to-use liquid products. These products include:

  • Linear and branched epi/DMA polyamines
  • polyDADMACs across a wide range of molecular weights
  • Melamine-based resins
  • Aluminum-based coagulants, including alum, AlCl3, and polyaluminum chloride (PAC)
  • Custom blends of inorganic and organic coagulants

We also offer several aluminum-based coagulants that are very successful in removing phosphates from water to enable you to meet current EPA mandated water discharge requirements.

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