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Biocides are a necessary component in almost every industry. Their wide range of applications spans the oil and gas industry, paper mills, the steel industry, the mining industry, and many others. Biocides control the growth of harmful bacteria that can disrupt work processes and be a costly and dangerous deterrent. Each industry, as well as each individual operation, presents unique needs based on materials used, location, and equipment. If you let our skilled professionals at Neo Solutions, Inc. choose or formulate a product that suits your specific needs, your operation is much less vulnerable to the negative effects of microbial growth.
We offer the following anti-microbial products:

  • Bromine Chloride
  • Isothiazoline
  • Glutaraldehyde
  • Dithiocarbamate
  • Sodium Bromide
  • Chlortabs
  • Bromtabs

To better suit your needs, the following includes some examples of possible applications in various industries:

Paper Mills
A multitude of different microbes can develop during the paper making process. Each different environment in the paper making process can promote the growth of different bacteria types. Some of the negative effects that can result from microbial growth are decreased product quality, microbial corrosion, and costly production decreases. Our skilled professionals can choose the most effective biocide or multiple biocides to help your company run as successfully as possible.

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