Neo Solutions
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PO Box 26
Beaver, PA 15009
P: 724-728-1847
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Neo Solutions, Inc.

Neo Solutions, Inc. is a leading supplier of water soluble polymers, defoamers, and other specialty chemicals for industrial and municipal water treatment applications. We supply water soluble polymers for primary, secondary, and process water treatment and sludge thickening, dewatering, and solidification. In addition, we also provide specialty chemical products to control foam, dust, corrosion, and biological growth.


For over 35 years, Neo Solutions, Inc. personnel have been solving water-related application problems in coal and mineral processing and transport, gas and oil drilling, food processing, landfill operations, and many other applications in municipalities and industries throughout North and South America. Neo Solutions, Inc. wants to be your first choice for solutions to improve your operational performance and lower your total application costs.

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